Summer 2020 Race Traitors call series for SONG white members - June 7

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Calling all queer white Southern kin. Our ancestors designed this terror. Our cousins are the white vigilantes chasing and murdering Black people and fighting tooth-and-nail to extend this racist regime. We have comrades to answer to -- we are beyond blessed to count ourselves as part of Movement. We have our own spiritual salvation to recuperate. Come and fight.

RSVP for SONG’s Race Traitors summer call series for white members. These calls will take place form 6-8PM EST/5-7PM Central on the first Sunday of each month through the summer. We will begin Sunday, June 7 from 6-8PM EST.

Though this call is focused on holding conversations between white SONG members, any and all SONG members are welcome to join.

Calling all longtime SONG members and brand newbies. Whites who come from a lineage of ancestors who chose the Confederacy and now we spit on their graves. Whites from the hollers and river twists of Appalachia. Whites whose kin are carpetbaggers, came to the South to organize or in search of opportunity, stayed to make home. Calling the truckstop, trailer trash  cutoff muscle tee dykes. The artists, the weirdos, the circus people, the shy ones. Whites whose people got money and you don’t know what do about it. Justice-loving Southern people who can’t sleep and can’t sit still watching sunburnt Rightwingers wave MAGA flags from their boats.

The goals for these calls are to:

  • Build connection, accountability, and relationship with each other
  • Share a political assessment of what we are facing, rooted in the South
  • Commit to testing shared strategies in our families and in our communities to Fight the Right leading up to November 2020
  • Offer up ways for brand new folk to come into Movement and into SONG

Like Caitlin Breedlove wrote in the days following the November 2016 election: “Those of us who know how to walk down the street and talk to anyone we meet: we need you now. Alliance creators, base builders, grimy messy organizers who make thoughtful assessment and then work their asses off and don’t quit: we need you now. Anyone who knows how to organize with people who do not agree with them on everything: we need you now. People who know how to organize those new to organizing: we desperately need you now. Anyone who knows what it means to not quit even when campaigns break our hearts, when we lose, and when people on our team actually die: we need you now.”

As white Southerners it has been long past time for all of us to come off the sidelines in this time and play our role. We know many of you are activists and organizers in a range of social justice movements. However if you are looking to connect

If you’re interested, here are some readings and podcasts we have been listening as prep or intro thinking for the call (no pressure, not required):


June 7th, 2020 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM Eastern
June 7th, 2020 5:00 PM through  7:00 PM Central

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