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SONG is a regional queer liberation organization made up of people of color, immigrants, working class and rural and small town LGBTQ people.  We are a membership-based organization. SONG’s members are made up of people committed to building freedom movements rooted in southern traditions like non-violent social justice activism, storytelling, music, breaking bread, resistance, humor, performance, critical thinking, and celebration.

All SONG members are asked to contribute to the life of the organization on an annual basis – either through membership dues or through in-kind donations. No one is turned away for lack of funds! We also look to our members for more than money. We need folks to actively participate in stopping cycles of violence, oppression, deceit, and isolation. We look to our members to commit to the life-long process of being anti-racist, gender liberationists, truth-tellers and healers. While our work is grounded and centered in building power and breaking isolation for LGBTQ people in the South we encourage our national allies and straight allies to join us.

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